The HER Effect® is a movement that is activating women everywhere, equipping them to rise and bear much fruit in every area of their lives.









Come With Us! Come As You Are But Don't Stay There...

Our society is overflowing with souls half lived. Women who were once filled with hopes, dreams, and vision have settled for the mundane and mediocre. 


Not because they don’t long for more, but because they have forgotten who they are and have planted themselves where true living does not exist… where cultivation and mentorship is void. 


Sister, now more than ever, it is time for you to rise in purpose, and to stop playing small. To stop putting a question mark where there belongs a period. 


It’s time to take your life by storm, activate your God-given potential, and realize life in all of its fullness. 


It’s time to remember who you are, uncover your true identity, and Become HER...


Your transformational journey awaits, right here in this life-changing mastermind. 


There is no mess too great, no story too broken… 


Come as you are but don’t stay there. 

Yes! I Am So Ready!

Hi There, I'm Jaime Cross!

The last 18 years of my life have been spent in a focused effort to uncover purpose and develop the God given super powers within me.

This journey has led me into the fullness of a vision that at one time I could only see in my dreams - all while nursing five baby boys and building a grassroots company to eight figures along with my husband.

I’ve seen a lot all these years and have encountered many women who are exactly where I was when I began to uncover the truth about life and all of it’s limitless potential - feelings of deep desire for more, a sense of unfulfillment, and a desperate desire to transform my family’s legacy and create worldwide impact. 

I’ve discovered that so often we forget that we are here on this earth to fulfill a calling and that we were never meant to be the walking dead…that the world needs what we carry.

I’ve watched for years as women have forfeited fullness and the longing for more only to sit on the sidelines waiting for kids to grow or be in school, waiting for the right timing, waiting for things to change or get better… waiting, waiting, waiting.


But I’m here to assure you that you were never meant to be a bystander in life, that you were meant to play out your purpose, all in, accomplishing and creating something truly great… you were meant to live a life worth of the calling you’ve received. 

Sister, friend, powerful woman, isn’t it time you started saying yes to the dream, the vision, the things that call to you in the quiet deepest parts of your soul? 

Isn’t it time you started to experience true purpose?

This is why I created the Becoming HER Mastery. I was tired of seeing so many women half alive, going to conferences, getting excited, feeling the winds of hope, only to lack community and a place to grow roots and develop that seed. 

What you are feeling right now is what I like to call activation… when you feel a burst of life break forth and hope arises… but you know what the problem is? 

It’s not enough to be inspired or hopeful… it’s not enough to dream and become activated… Cultivation is hard work, but the seed will bear fruit! So much that it spills over to everyone around you!

Feel that!?

That’s your dream coming back to life! 



Most people don’t think of the dream this way… but it’s a blueprint for the calling we were meant to express and live out. 

If your heart is pounding YES! 

If you are ready to rise, run, and become all you were born to be… if you are ready to go from hopeful to cultivating all that God has put inside of you unto FULLNESS… then join me and all of my amazing compadres in the Becoming HER Mastermind where you will discover community, cultivation, and breakthrough in every area of your life. 

See you on the inside! 

Forever In Your Corner, 


Yes! I Am Ready To Rise!

So Why Is Femininity Critical To Culture?


Simply put... we are the life givers.

You’ve questioned whether wanting more is ok and there have been times you’ve quietly longed to make something happen but you felt so much resistance that you gave into the whispers of soft suppression and therefore demobilized and deflated the very thing you were created to do.


Today more than ever we need women fully activated, breathing life into every sphere. The home and family, businesses and finances, politics, entertainment, everywhere you can imagine we need women who know who they are and have not only made a decision to be unstoppable but to take the world by storm and awaken everything around them unto life. 


We are not referring to feminism, but to the limitless expanse that is femininity. We have been redeemed for a purpose, to bear fruit from glory to glory and bring a monumental spark to everything we touch.  


God is raising up a generation of women who know who they are and what they have been called to and will stop at nothing to carry out their God given vision on the earth. 


The time is coming where stadiums will be filled with those who hunger for truth and they will find it in the midst of a great revolution, what we believe will be the greatest awakening the world has ever seen. 


“Behold, I am doing a new thing; now it springs forth, do you not perceive it?

I will make a way in the wilderness and rivers in the desert.” - Isaiah 34:19


The Becoming HER™ Mastery Elite Suite

The Becoming HER Mastery is a 6-week transformative training designed to cultivate your God-given potential so you can live a life fully activated, worthy of the calling you’ve received.

If you're ready to command a future that bears fruit, the next 6-weeks have your name all over them. 

 Becoming HER Mastery Includes... 

  • Becoming HER Mastery, a 6-week, step-by-step transformative training including tons of videos, printables, templates, and keys that are guaranteed to take you to the next level.  
  • Lifetime Access to The Vineyard, our exclusive private Facebook group that includes live equipping sessions w/Jaime and offers ongoing support and celebrations for your success. This incredibly supportive group exists so that you never have to feel like you are alone, know where to get your questions answered, and stay connected and encouraged in your journey to Becoming HER. 
  • Audio + Transcribed Transcription Bundle. 
  • Lifetime Access to The Vault. 
  • World changHER Tee! 


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